Omara Williams | Award-Winning Science-Fiction Author

Omara Williams is a multi-award-winning British science-fiction author. Her debut novel, The Space Traveller’s Lover, was an Amazon #1 international seller described as a “remarkable tour de force” in The Scotsman.




* Media Comment, Expert Opinion & Interviews

Omara Williams is available through The Double Agents for media comment and opinion about science-fiction related topics. With a background in Nuclear Engineering and Information Technology, Omara brings a unique blend of scientific knowledge and literary creativity to the table. This diverse expertise allows her to offer insightful perspectives on subjects ranging from technological advancements to speculative fiction trends.

* Public Speaking Engagements

Omara Williams is available for a variety of in-person and virtual speaking engagements. Enquiries and bookings can be made through our speaking agency, BubbleandSqueak.London


Omara Williams is a British science-fiction author. She has earned widespread acclaim for her debut novel, The Space Traveller’s Lover, which became an international bestseller on Amazon, reaching the #1 spot in the YA War and Military Category. Praised as a “remarkable tour de force” by The Scotsman, her work has garnered multiple awards, including the Global Book Award, BookFest Award, and Literary Titan Award, among others.

With a background in nuclear engineering from Havana University, IT from Leeds University, and 25 years experience as a software engineer, Omara brings a unique blend of genuine scientific knowledge and creativity to her writing. Outside of her literary pursuits, she enjoys stargazing and chasing total solar eclipses.


Further Information:

Book Website – www.OmaraWilliamsBooks.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OmyWilliams
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/omywilliams
Twitter: https://twitter.com/williams_omara

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