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We nurture outstanding talent of all ages and at every stage of their careers.

The Double Agents mixes talent management, public relations and literary agency services to proactively generate and manage media and earning opportunities for its broad spectrum of clients.

Media Opportunities

We aim to cultivate long-term relationships with key media outlets, helping our clients to build and subsequently maintain a robust media profile.

Crisis Management

We are there for our clients when crises strike, offering strategic, legal advice and practical PR support to protect reputations and keep problems out of the media spotlight.

Publishing Deals

We reach out to large and independent publishing houses in the UK and internationally to help our clients’ books find the right home.

Advert and Brand Ambassadorships

We put our clients forward for relevant, upcoming advertising and brand ambassador opportunities by proactively reaching out to PR and advertising agencies, marketing firms, CMOs, and other decision-makers in applicable sectors.

TV, Radio and Stage Contracts

We distribute our clients’ completed scripts to TV and stage commissioners and production companies in the UK. We can also arrange for our US partner to submit book treatments to Hollywood (including Netflix) for an additional fee.

Public Speaking

Our sister speaker agency, BubbleandSqueak.London, connects brands, charities and event organisers with inspirational speakers to enrich their events with diverse perspectives. You can find more information about the speaker bureau, including how to apply for membership, at BubbleandSqueak.London

We represent a broad spectrum of clients of all ages and at every stage of their careers. These include debut and bestselling novelists and non-fiction authors, academics and researchers, broadcasters, personalities, campaigners, sports and entertainment personalities, screen and music artists, business and self-help thought-leaders, and more.

We’re not really concerned about where our clients’ careers are now but where they’re going. This means our criteria for representation isn’t based on fame, earnings or social media followers but solely on unique, outstanding talent and expertise.

We are always looking for new talent to join our roster, and are particularly keen to hear from those who work in niche sectors or who have expertise in unusual topics that are traditionally overlooked by talent management agencies and considered ‘non-commercial’ or a ‘hard sell’.

We especially welcome membership enquiries from people who are underrepresented in the talent management agency sector, such as those from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic backgrounds or individuals with disabilities. The Double Agents is welcoming, collaborative, and inclusive.

We charge clients a small and flat monthly rate. This covers PR and marketing, crisis management, and handling enquiries. Unlike other UK talent management agencies, we do not charge commission on any of our clients’ earnings, and there are no hidden costs. This means 100% of the earnings we generate or manage for our clients through these services go directly to them – the people who deserve it most.

Separate commission-based terms – usually 10% – are agreed on an ad-hoc basis for clients looking to sell literary works of fiction and non-fiction to publishing houses, TV, and radio. Clients who do not require PR and marketing, crisis management and enquiry management do not pay a monthly fee.

Fees for any additional work we’re asked to undertake – such as website design, photography, major publicity boosts, and submitting book treatments to Netflix, for example – will always be agreed in advance.

We focus on maximising our clients’ realistic earning potential and professional growth. From creating long-term media strategies and handling enquiries, to seeking appearances and commercial offers, we support them every step of the way. Website hosting and ongoing management is also available.

Importantly, our clients also have mutual access to one another. This gives everyone we represent the opportunity to tap into a wealth of experience and expertise, and to create important new contacts across a diverse range of sectors – relationships that might otherwise take years to build.

We normally build our clients’ media profiles first, before later pitching their work, assistance or involvement to applicable brands and organisations.

It’s really important to us at Cap It All Media that everyone who works for or otherwise interacts with our brands experiences the same high level of service. This includes but may not be limited to clients, media partners, staff, consultants, journalists, and partners. We expect our brands do the right thing always by treating everyone fairly and equally. That means they should aim to provide exemplary and accessible customer service that fosters dignity and independence and promotes equal opportunity and choice. This includes a commitment to uphold the spirit and letter of the Disability Discrimination Act, 2006 and we will strive to make all possible reasonable adjustments to make our services accessible to those with disabilities. To facilitate this goal, our brands will always consider the needs of our clients and do their best to accommodate any specific requirements they may have; they will provide accessible web content; and they will encourage and act on feedback. So if we get something wrong (and from time-to-time we will), please tell us.

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