Dr Linda Parker | Military and Polar Historian & Author

Dr. Linda Parker is widely considered to be one of Britain’s leading polar and military historians. She is the author of six acclaimed books, an in-demand public speaker, the co-founder of the British Modern Military History Society, and the editor of Front Line Naval Chaplains’ magazine, Pennant, which examines naval chaplaincy’s historical and contemporary role.




* Media Comment, Expert Opinion & Interviews

Dr. Linda Parker is an exceptional go-to source of information, expert commentary, quotes, and interviews for regional, national and specialist media outlets. Her specialisation in military chaplaincy provides a unique perspective on the role of chaplains within armed forces, including their historical evolution, challenges, and impact on military personnel's well-being. Her insights would be invaluable for any discussions or reports related to the spiritual and pastoral care of soldiers during wartime and peacekeeping operations. As an expert in Arctic and Antarctic exploration, Dr. Parker possesses detailed knowledge about the history of expeditions, the challenges faced by explorers, and the significance of polar exploration in scientific and geopolitical contexts. Her expertise can shed light on discussions on polar expeditions and climate-related issues in these regions. Dr. Parker's broad expertise in military history spanning from 1939 to the present covers a diverse range of topics including World War II, Cold War conflicts, modern warfare, and contemporary military strategies. She can offer nuanced insights into various aspects of military operations, tactics, and historical developments during this period. Within the scope of World War II history, Dr. Parker's familiarity with topics like prisoners of war, Special Operations Executive (SOE), espionage, and deception operations adds depth to her credentials. These areas are of significant public interest and relevance, making her a sought-after authority for media inquiries and interviews.

* TV and Documentary Work

Dr. Linda Parker is open to working with TV producers and production companies and lending academic and on-screen documentary support. She has an extensive, unparalleled background as a military historian with a specific focus on military chaplaincy, Arctic and Antarctic exploration, and 20th-century military history. Her depth of knowledge makes her uniquely placed to provide accurate, detailed, and insightful commentary and off-screen research support.

* Public Speaking Engagements

Linda is available for a variety of in-person and virtual speaking engagements. Enquiries and bookings can be made through our speaking agency, BubbleandSqueak.London


Dr. Linda Parker is a distinguished author and scholar specialising in modern military history. After a career in History education, she pursued a PhD at Birmingham University, focusing on modern military history. Linda’s expertise is evident in her extensive body of work, including five books on chaplains during both World Wars, with her current project cantered on the history of modern Royal Naval Chaplaincy.

Over the past decade, she has travelled extensively, delivering keynote addresses at conferences worldwide on various aspects of military history, spanning from China to the USA. She also authored a book exploring the experiences of polar explorers during the World Wars, reflecting her keen interest in Arctic and Antarctic history.

In 2019, Linda co-founded the British Modern Military History Society with three colleagues. This organisation hosts influential historians as speakers and draws significant audiences interested in military history.

Linda continues to plays an active role in the historical community, serving as a trustee of the charity Front Line Naval Chaplains and acting as the editor of their magazine, Pennant, which delves into the history and contemporary practice of Naval chaplaincy. She is also a member of the Second World War Research Group and, in her ‘spare’ time (!), helps train Navy chaplains, is a churchwarden, a school governor, and a volunteer teaching assistant.

Through her prolific writing, speaking engagements, and leadership within historical societies and charities, she has made substantial contributions to our understanding of modern military history, particularly in the context of chaplaincy and naval operations.


Further Information:

Personal Website – Linda-Parker.co.uk


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