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The Double Agents: London's Inclusive Talent Management Agency

The Double Agents is the first and only full-service, fixed-fee talent management agency that proactively supports this generation of outstanding talent and the next.

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Media, Commercial and Fan Enquiries

The Double Agents manages its clients' enquiries, in whatever form, every working day of the year.

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Media & Commercial Opportunities

The Double Agents handles media and commercial opportunities for in-person appearances, press interviews and brand advertising partnerships.

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Crisis & Reputation Management

The Double Agents protects its clients' reputations to keep them in, or out of, the media spotlight.

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Publishing, TV and Radio Contracts

The Double Agents negotiates the best deals for selling literary works of fiction and non-fiction to publishing houses, TV, and radio.

Our Clients


We are proud to represent a diverse roster of clients which includes internationally best-selling authors, screenwriters for TV and film, thought-leaders and entrepreneurs, and acting, musical and sporting talent.

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