Dr Tom Lonsdale | Veterinarian, Author and Pioneer of the ‘Raw Meaty Bones’ Diet

Dr. Tom Lonsdale BVetMed MRCVS is a distinguished veterinary clinician and author with over 50 years of experience. Known internationally as a pioneer and authority on the nutritional and
medicinal features of a natural diet for pets. Tom is a vocal advocate against what he perceives as collusion between the veterinary establishment and the pet food industry. He has earned the moniker, ‘The Whistleblower Vet’, for debunking misinformation about pet health.



* Media Comment, Expert Opinion & Interviews

Dr. Tom Lonsdale is an ideal media expert for commentary, opinion, and interviews on a range of animal-related issues. With a decades-long commitment to genuine environmental and animal welfare causes, he is prepared to support and promote initiatives that align with his principles, emphasizing the importance of accurate education over misinformation. As the author of the Raw Meaty Bones Trilogy, he offers comprehensive insights into pet nutrition and dental care, making him a go-to authority on these topics. Tom is forthright about the challenges faced in promoting natural feeding practices amid resistance from the veterinary profession, established media, and other industries tainted by corruption and incompetence. He believes in the potential for a scientific renaissance once the harmful influence of industrial pet food is overcome, advocating for reform to benefit both pets and the broader ecosystem. His expertise and unwavering advocacy make him a compelling advocate for genuine causes and a critical voice in confronting systemic challenges within various sectors.

* Charity Ambassadorships & Fundraising and Promotional Activities

Dr. Tom Lonsdale is an ideal partner and promotional asset for animal welfare charities, and he is open to such collaborations through The Double Agents. With over 50 years of experience as a veterinary clinician and over 30 years advocating for natural feeding practices, Tom brings extensive expertise and credibility to the table. His renowned Raw Meaty Bones Trilogy and groundbreaking research have established him as a leading authority in pet nutrition and dental care. As a passionate advocate against the harmful effects of commercial pet food, he is prepared to support animal welfare charities that align with his principles. His willingness to challenge industry norms and advocate for natural feeding makes him a steadfast ambassador for charities focused on improving animal welfare standards. His reputation and dedication can elevate fundraising and promotional activities, drawing attention to critical issues and encouraging support from the public. With a clear vision for positive change in the pet food industry and a commitment to scientific integrity, Tom offers valuable expertise and advocacy that can significantly benefit animal welfare charities.

* Public Speaking Engagements

Tom is available for a variety of in-person and virtual speaking engagements. Enquiries and bookings can be made through our speaking agency, BubbleandSqueak.London


Dr. Tom Lonsdale BVetMed MRCVS is a world-renowned retired veterinarian and critically acclaimed author with more than half a century of clinical experience. Graduating from the Royal Veterinary College, University of London, in 1972, he began his career in Nairobi, Kenya, before moving to the UK and eventually settling in Australia. His groundbreaking work began in the 1990s when he raised concerns about the health impacts of commercial pet food on dogs and cats. He discovered that switching to a diet of raw meaty bones could address numerous health issues, particularly dental and gum disease prevalent in pets. This discovery led him to advocate for natural feeding practices and challenge the pet food industry’s profit-driven agenda.

He is best known for his Raw Meaty Bones series of books, which provide accurate information on pet nutrition and dental care. He has been recognised for his contributions with awards like the Dog Writers Association of America’s Best of the Best Book Award in 2023 for his book “Multi-Billion-Dollar Pet Food Fraud: Hiding in Plain Sight.” The book explores the ways in which ‘junk pet food’ manufacturers are said to be fuelling a global pet illness pandemic through the promotion of highly processed pet food. The book reveals what Tom believes are the unscrupulous practices pet food manufactures use to dominate the market in the name of profit and their efforts to ‘control the science’ through governmental lobbying and university partnerships, despite being abundantly aware of the harmful effects of their products.

Tom has been commissioned by Sydney University’s Centre for Veterinary Education to write definitive statements on pet preventative dentistry and the intersection of pet nutrition and medicine. Following his retirement from veterinary practice, he continues to champion the benefits of raw meaty bones for pet health and is committed to exposing the deceptive practices of the pet food industry. Through his books, campaigns, and public engagements, Tom describes problems and provides solutions for improved pet health and welfare.


Further Information:

The Pet Food Con – www.thepetfoodcon.com

Raw Meaty Bones – www.rawmeatybones.com

YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/@ThePetFoodCon




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