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Neil ‘Blower’ Watkin is a former soldier turned post-traumatic stress disorder campaigner whose tireless activism led to the landmark introduction of specialist PTSD trauma professionals in British city councils. As a Royal Tank Regiment veteran of five years, he did tours of Kosovo and Iraq before being diagnosed with PTSD on his return to ‘civvy street’. His semi-autobiographical first book, Shell Shock: The Diary of Tommy Atkins, was launched in the Houses of Parliament with Hazel Blears MP and received widespread media attention in the UK and internationally. The book was the subject of the “world’s biggest book signing” at the War and Peace show. It was later adapted for stage.



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Neil ‘Blower’ Watkin’s contributions to raising awareness about PTSD and advocating for improved mental health support make him an indispensable voice in discussions about veterans' issues and mental wellness. As a former soldier who experienced PTSD firsthand, Neil brings authenticity and authority to discussions on mental health, trauma, and veterans' issues. His personal journey from military service to becoming a PTSD campaigner lends credibility and insight that resonates with audiences. His advocacy work and instrumental role in policy changes, meanwhile, make him a sought-after expert in this field. He can provide informed perspectives on the challenges faced by veterans and individuals dealing with trauma, as well as the importance of support systems and mental health services. Given the ongoing importance of mental health awareness and the evolving discourse on PTSD, Neil's insights remain highly relevant and timely. He can offer valuable perspectives on current events, policy developments, and societal attitudes toward mental health issues.

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Neil is available for a variety of in-person and virtual speaking engagements. Enquiries and bookings can be made through our speaking agency, BubbleandSqueak.London


Neil ‘Blower’ Watkin’s journey from soldier to PTSD campaigner is a compelling narrative of resilience and advocacy. After serving five years with the Royal Tank Regiment, including tours in Kosovo and Iraq, Neil faced the profound impact of post-traumatic stress disorder upon his return to civilian life. This personal struggle ignited his passion for raising awareness about PTSD and advocating for improved support systems.

Neil’s activism was instrumental in effecting change at a policy level, leading to the introduction of specialist PTSD trauma professionals within British city councils—a landmark achievement that reflected his commitment to ensuring proper care for veterans and others affected by the condition.

His efforts were further amplified through his semi-autobiographical debut book, “Shell Shock: The Diary of Tommy Atkins,” a poignant account that resonated with readers and policymakers alike. The book’s launch at the Houses of Parliament, with Hazel Blears MP, underscored its significance and garnered substantial media attention both within the UK and internationally. Notably, the book’s reception culminated in the “world’s biggest book signing” at the War and Peace show, reflecting its widespread impact and relevance.

Beyond his literary pursuits, Neil’s academic background—a degree in English Literature and Creative Writing from the University of Salford—provided him with a unique platform to articulate his experiences and contribute meaningfully to the discourse on mental health and trauma. Additionally, his tenure as a former Labour councillor underscores his commitment to community service and civic engagement.

Neil’s journey exemplifies the transformative power of personal narrative and advocacy in addressing critical societal issues. Through his contributions as a veteran, author, and activist, Neil continues to shape public discourse and policy around PTSD, leaving an enduring impact on the lives of those affected by trauma.

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