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Alix Kirsta is an author and journalist who has worked for Vogue, The Sunday Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Times, The Guardian, and The Observer, among others. She is best known as an investigative reporter and for her exclusive scoops uncovering major crimes. She is the author of a number of acclaimed books on true crime, criminal psychology, fitness and health, which include the international bestseller, Stress Survival. Her new book The Wizard of Fleet Street…and Me was published in spring 2024.




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Alix Kirsta's background and expertise make her an ideal go-to media expert on a variety of topics ranging from unsolved crime and criminal psychology to the arts (and fraud therein), investigative journalism, and cultural phenomena. She is particularly open to media requests that focus on dance and dancers (including classical ballet), Nazi-looted artworks, the dark side of the antique violin market, and all types of stress and stress-related health and mental disorders. Her extensive research and writing on these topics also make her a sought-after authority for interviews and thought leadership articles.


Alix Kirsta was born in London into an Austro-Russian family steeped in the arts. Her father, George Kirsta, was a Ukraine-born, Russia-based artist, theatrical designer and ballet impresario; her Viennese mother, Illy Holzmann, was a child skating star who went on to become an ice skating champion and contemporary dancer. Trained as a professional dancer and actress, and following a very early career in theatre and TV, Alix turned to journalism and began her writing career as a health editor for several upmarket glossy magazines and as a correspondent on medicine and psychology for publications including Vogue, New Woman, Over 21, Reader’s Digest, Harper’s & Queen, The Guardian, and The Observer.

As a journalist, Alix went on to specialise in crime, corruption, fraud, victim trauma, and PTSD. For more than 20 years, she has contributed to some of the world’s largest media outlets with in-depth investigative features. These have variously included scoops and cover stories on stories ranging from dangerous cults and New Age religions, to new forms of psychotherapy, unsolved crimes
and longstanding mysteries, often in the arts. Her exclusives include the cause of the fire at La Fenice Opera House in Venice, the death of singer Kirsty MacColl in Mexico, and how Gustav Klimt’s iconic Nazi-looted portrait “Lady in Gold” was returned, with four other stolen Klimts, to its original owner.

She has variously contributed to, worked for or otherwise appeared on most major British and US newspapers, and on BBC Radio4 (Woman’s Hour), Capital Radio, and scores of other broadcast stations. Alix was also the Dance Correspondent on LBC Radio for nearly four years. Her TV appearances include BBC1, ITV, Scottish TV, BBC Scotland, Sky TV, and various stations across the US.

Alix is the author of several non-fiction books on true crime and criminal psychology, fitness and health. These include the bestselling Stress Survival, which was translated into eighteen languages. Her true-crime books, Manhattan Murder Mystery and Island of the Damned, are based on famous historical events in the USA which in their day dominated the news. Her new book The Wizard of Fleet Street…and Me was published in April 2024. Copies are available through The Double Agents.


Further Information:

Personal website – www.alixkirsta.com

The Wizard of Fleet Street…and Me: A Memoir – Amazon

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