Emma Strandberg | Travel Writer and Photographer

Emma Strandberg is an acclaimed travel writer and photographer who lives on the rugged west coast of Sweden. Her wildly popular books have been described as “authentic” and “gripping” by the Daily Express, and as a “triumph of travel writing” by The Sun.



* Media Comment, Expert Opinion & Interviews

Emma is available through The Double Agents for media interviews and expert commentary, offers insights on a wide range of topics. From outdoor lifestyles, sustainable living, wildlife conservation, and self-sufficiency to global travel challenges, including the experiences of being a lone, female traveler, Emma brings a vibrant and relatable energy to her appearances. Her expertise extends to winter travel and survival, Scandinavian lifestyle, forest bathing, outdoor therapy, moving abroad, property renovation, running a B&B in a foreign country, and the unique experiences of being married to a mercenary and the effects of vicarious PTSD. Emma is also open to regular column opportunities and travel article commissions that align with her lifestyle and passions.

* Brand & Charity Partnerships

Emma is open to the possibility of developing one-off and longer-term relationships with charitable organisations and with brands aligned with her lifestyle and love of the outdoors. Her background in outdoor activities, including winter travel and survival, makes her a valuable advocate for search and rescue organisations. As someone with personal experience in navigating the effects of vicarious PTSD through her previous marriage to a mercenary, Emma can also bring empathy and insight to PR and marketing campaigns focused on mental health support for veterans and first responders. Emma is also open to brand ambassadorships with gadget and gear brands, and with practitioners of forest therapy.

* Public Speaking Engagements

Emma is available for a variety of in-person and virtual speaking engagements. Enquiries and bookings can be made through our speaking agency, BubbleandSqueak.London


Emma Strandberg is an acclaimed travel writer and photographer based on the west coast of Sweden. Her wanderlust has taken her from the Amazon to Alexandria, Burma to Brunei, Cambodia to Kashmir, and Greenland to Zimbabwe (and everywhere in between), often alone and unsupported, shaping her books and photography.

Emma’s journey as a writer was unconventional: it began as a strategy to avoid physical education during her school days! But it evolved into her true passion and calling, and has remained central to her adult life.

No matter where she travels, Emma still finds solace in the ritual of sitting down to write. She has a particular affinity for slow modes of transportation, especially river cruises along iconic waterways like the Irrawaddy, Amazon, Ganges, and the Nile, drawing inspiration from diverse landscapes and cultures.

Currently nestled on Sweden’s picturesque west coast, surrounded by what she calls its “rugged, dangerous and breathtaking beauty”, Emma shares her experiences and love of the natural world through her work. In her debut novel, Fully Booked, Emma recounts her personal journey renovating an old property on Sweden’s west coast in the midst of winter, fulfilling her dream of owning and operating a bed and breakfast. Her second title, Where the f**k is Blönduós? Driving and Surviving a Winter in Iceland, published in 2023, chronicles her adventurous escapades in the remote Icelandic landscape, challenging and rediscovering herself along the way. They each received widespread critical acclaim. Her upcoming third book will be published in 2024.

When she’s not traveling the globe, Emma enjoys spending her time immersed in nature. She is an avid fisher, favouring both sea fishing and lake fishing with a rod. Additionally, Emma is actively involved in hunting and has honed her skills by learning to butcher roe deer, fallow deer, and stag – traditional (and often necessary) pursuits in Sweden’s rugged wilderness.

In her spare time, Emma channels her love for nature into gardening, where she grows all her own vegetables and produce. She also indulges her creative side with ongoing building projects, including constructing hunting towers, bird boxes, a chicken house, and a smokehouse.


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