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Dorimalia Waiau is a Native Hawaiian author, and a prolific campaigner and vocal advocate for the protection of its traditional mythology and culture. Her books have won widespread critical acclaim and address sensitive issues such as anxiety, bullying and abuse among young people.



* Media Comment, Expert Opinion & Interviews

Dorimalia is available for media opinion, commentary and interviews. Her expertise and passion for empowering young readers and advocating for positive social change make her a compelling voice for media interviews and commentary on topics related to literature, education, youth empowerment, cultural representation, and mental health. Her perspective as a Native Hawaiian storyteller offers a unique lens through which to explore important societal issues, while she is a respected authority on Hawaiian mythology and culture.

* Charity Ambassadorships & Fundraising and Promotional Activities

Dorimalia Waiau is open to working with charities for fundraising and marketing initiatives, and with applicable brands and other organisations. As a Native Hawaiian author and educator, Dorimalia has demonstrated a passion for youth empowerment and advocacy, making her an especially compelling ambassador for charitable organisations focused on education, mental health, and community development. Dorimalia’s blend of creativity, cultural authenticity, and community engagement makes her an excellent choice for charity ambassadorships, fundraising campaigns, and promotional activities that seek to uplift and empower individuals while promoting important social causes.

* Book & Film Rights

Dorimalia’s series of books, including her wildly successful debut, The Secret Club and the Manafuls, are available to publishers through The Double Agents.

* Public Speaking Engagements

Dorimalia is available for a variety of in-person and virtual speaking engagements. Enquiries and bookings can be made through our speaking agency, BubbleandSqueak.London


Dorimalia Waiau is a critically acclaimed Native Hawaiian author whose ‘Be Manaful’ series of books are designed to empower young readers to confront life’s challenges with courage and resilience.

Drawing on over two decades of teaching experience, the series addresses profound issues like abuse, bullying, and social anxiety through themes of self-healing and forgiveness. The books are inspired by Menehune legends and celebrate Hawaiian mythology and the island’s rich, historic culture. Her debut novel, The Secret Club and the Manafuls, was billed as a “must-read” by Yahoo, and as a “thrilling and uplifting” read by The Sun.

In addition to her literary pursuits, Dorimalia’s creative talents extend to music, with her novels reflecting Hawaiian musical traditions. She actively engages with her audience, inviting contributions to the soundtracks for her books and encouraging artistic collaborations related to her stories.

Outside of her literary and teaching endeavours, Dorimalia has cultivated a diverse skill set that includes dance, music, and photography design, driven by a lifelong passion for artistic expression. She brings a wealth of traditional and non-traditional education to her craft, holding degrees and professional certifications in Literature and Education.


Further Information:

Personal website – DorimaliaWaiau.com

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