Theresa Cheung – Mind Body Spirit Festival 2024

24 May
Theresa Cheung – Mind Body Spirit Festival 2024

Theresa Cheung will be on the main stage at this year’s Olympia Mind Body Spirit Festival on May 26th with a talk on dream decoding. Attendees can look forward to Theresa’s insightful exploration into the meanings and messages hidden within our dreams, as she shares her expertise in deciphering the symbolism and significance of our subconscious experiences. Following her main stage talk, Theresa will be hosting a dream cure workshop, offering attendees practical tools and techniques to harness the healing potential of dreams. Participants will be guided through exercises to enhance dream recall, maintain dream journals, and use dream analysis for personal growth and emotional well-being.

Event details

Date: 24 May 2024.
Venue: London
Address: UK
Hosting: Olympia
Event Type: event, news
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