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Ovidia Yu, a prominent Singaporean playwright, blogger, and mystery writer, is the author of more than 30 plays and the internationally celebrated Aunty Lee Mysteries and the History Tree Mysteries. She actively champions various causes, including women’s rights, diversity and ecological conservation.



* Media Comment, Expert Opinion & Interviews

Ovidia Yu is available for media comment, interviews and expert opinion through The Double Agents. She is passionate about women's causes and about the importance of equal representation in storytelling. Her work sheds light on the experiences of Asian, Oriental, and other minority groups, as well as immigrants. She aims to promote positive perceptions of Singapore, women, and the potential for personal happiness and growth, advocating the value of reading murder mysteries to explore and resolve life's complexities. Through her work, especially in the History Tree Mysteries, she champions ecological conservation, highlighting environmental issues and preservation efforts. With her experience in writing historical and contemporary crime fiction, Ovidia can also discuss the evolving nature of crime and its enduring fascination even in law-abiding societies like Singapore.

* Public Speaking Engagements

Ovidia is available for a variety of in-person and virtual speaking engagements. Enquiries and bookings can be made through our speaking agency, BubbleandSqueak.London


Ovidia Yu is one of Singapore’s most prolific playwrights, bloggers and mystery writers whose critically acclaimed works are rooted in and inspired by the country and its cultures. Her notable series include the Aunty Lee Mysteries and the History Tree Mysteries, both of which enjoy global readerships and have received international media attention. Two of her books are optioned for screen adaptation.

Originally on the path to becoming a medical doctor, Ovidia discovered her true passion in theatre and playwriting and has since penned more than 30 productions.

Outside of writing, Ovidia practises yoga and a variety of artistic pursuits. She is also a proponent of ‘morning pages’, which involves filling three sides of paper with words, stream of consciousness-style, first thing every day.

Through her work, Ovidia champions women’s rights and diversity by featuring strong female protagonists who challenge traditional roles, while also highlighting the experiences of minority characters. Her dedication to ecological conservation is evident in her History Tree Mysteries, advocating for environmental awareness and preservation.


Further Information:

Ovidia Yu – Facebook

The Murder Is Everywhere blog

Personal Website – www.ovidiayu.com


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